Studiotech Belgium distributes, sells, builds, installs, integrates and maintains complete concepts for audiovisual set-ups. Our experience and co-operation with leading manufacturers, suppliers and partners guarantee “best in class” products and solutions for our customers.

Studiotech is one of the major players in the field of broadcast technology, engineering and integration. Customers will benefit from our long experience regarding study, design and realisation of such projects.

Major player in the field of broadcast technology, engineering and installation.

Studiotech is experienced in virtual studio complete solutions for television production, post production, cinema, industry and education.

Major player in the field of integration, installation and engineering of mobile audiovisual systems for TV and radio.

Studiotech can help you realise all your integrated digital signage projects for small, medium and large installations.

The core business of Studiotech consists in the build up of radio and TV organisations. The ready to send signal can be transmitted in different ways. The main systems are fibre optics, broadcast transmitters, satellite uplinks/downlinks and wave links. Studiotech can realise and has achieved projects with all of these solutions.

Full range of lighting solutions, from small custom lighting set-ups to fully equipped TV studios.

In public places like airports and shopping centres, digital displays on large screens are used to inform and persuade.

The Broadcast world is changing as traditional linear television has to deal with other ways of media consumption. 
New platforms like internet and mobile television emerged and consumers want to have any content on any screen at any given time.

Studiotech, the digital workflow integration specialist. 

Studiotech Mobile Studio System

In the field, the Studiotech Mobile Studio System gives access to all necessary facilities to manage multi-camera news gathering events. 

The Studiotech Mobile NLE System offers all the power of a mobile editing system installed in a convenient and compact box. Easy to set up and use, it is readily portable to ensure coverage of any event at express speed by providing quality results and powerful graphics. 

Among the EEMOV stabilizers you can surely find the one that suits you best, whether it is for a small camcorder or professional broadcast services. The basic models can be supplemented with a colour LCD or TFT-screen, V-lock battery mount, remote controls and other applications.

About US
Studiotech Belgium's main business is the distribution, sales, installation and after-sales servicing of professional audiovisual equipment.
Who we are
Studiotech Belgium's good name is based on first class service and customer satisfaction. The staff are held in high regard for their product knowledge, quality standards, attention to detail and customer care.
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What we do
Studiotech Belgium's main business is the distribution, sales, installation and after-sales servicing of professional audiovisual equipment. The company also designs and installs turnkey projects such as recording/mixing studios, editing suites and mobile OB vehicles.
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The Studiotech Group
Studiotech began in Brussels (serving Belgium and Luxembourg) in 1990, then Budapest, Hungary (1992), Warsaw, Poland (1995), Algiers, Algeria (2000), Rabat, Morocco (2011), Sydney, Australia (2012), Paris, France (2012) and Niamey, Niger (2015).
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