Radio Stations

Studiotech is one of the major players in the field of broadcast technology, engineering and integration. Customers will benefit from our long experience regarding study, design and realisation of such projects.

Whether you are a public or private radio organisation (large or small), Studiotech has the ability to design the radio station/studio which will correspond to your needs.

You define your original configuration and together we will find the solution which will meet your needs entirely.

Our team will always be at your side to help you with choice of equipment, provide technical assistance and manage all technical implications.

Radio studio installation RTBF Studiotech Belgium. Our experience and our expertise will work towards the same objective – to deliver a complete system keeping in mind your budget and the equipment capabilities.

We always achieve very high quality standards, paying great attention to detail in completing your project.

In choosing Studiotech as partner, you can be assured that the project will be completed with an eye on developing solutions and the technology of the future.

We have numerous references (home and abroad) including a three year frame contract to refurbish 20 radio studios for RTBF (Belgium) and installing radio stations overseas (Cameroon, Mauritania, Kuwait, etc).