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interior architechure

In some specific cases, Studiotech, structured as a multidisciplinary design office, develops the whole project: content and container in conjunction with the project manager and the project owner. We then erect your communication complex from the bare masonry walls to the finished room. A work of study, design, realisation, implementation and completion in conformity with the norms and rules in force including the following factors.

  • Calculation and implementation of the slow moving HVAC respecting user comfort and the emergence of sound NR

  •   Study and installation of acoustic doors of attenuation class corresponding to the functionalities of the room to be soundproofed

  •   Support for driving force, electricity and lighting including calculations, simulations of power and light consistency according to the room and its constraints

  •   Concept and installation of pictograms, lighting and safety equipment

  •   Definition, implementation, measures to be implemented to obtain the correct insulation and adequate acoustic treatment of the room

  •   Implementation of selected materials for the floor, partitions, ceiling, etc.

  •   Design and installation of floor coverings, armchairs and seats, furniture, tables, conference desks, lecterns, etc.

  •   Implementation, commissioning of all techniques and their perfect integration 

A turnkey solution in symbiosis with the customer, the architect and the prime contractor for the user.