Evertz with integrator partner Studiotech chosen as technology providers for FIFA in Referee Assist testing in Belgium

Evertz Microsystems and its integrator partner, Studiotech Belgium, have been chosen as technology providers by the heads of the Belgian URBSFA football association for ongoing testing in FIFA tests to improve the quality of refereeing by means of state of the art video assistance. The use of such systems will become compulsory in 2018.

The selected solution uses an Evertz DreamCatcher for a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system and is installed in an independent vehicle built by Studiotech Belgium and parked near the match stadiums. The system will assist the referee in real time during league matches. The DreamCatcher system will cover a total of 62 Belgian matches if coverage of the 2018 play-offs is included.

The VAR system is already used by the some of the largest professional sports leagues in the world. It’s a cutting edge complete solution leveraging Evertz' industry leading Software Defined Video Network (SDVN) technology, flexible in both scope and design, and offers a solution for the varying needs and constraints of a diverse customer base. An Intuitive touch interface and distributed IP design provides the capability to view multiple angles simultaneously for lightning quick review providing the fastest path to a definitive decision.

The interface can be calibrated to the particular requirements of the customer, minimising the time to reach or confirm a decision. It can be used with small mobile units and is scalable right up to major events using the collaborative interface, recording up to 32 camera angles in sync at any operator station, up to hundreds of camera angles simultaneously over Evertz’ IP structure.

Further Press information from Cristina Rites, Operations Manager Studiotech Belgium, rites@studiotech.be